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Author Barry Rothman's latest book is called Mary Ann or Ginger: The Dilemma in Every Man's Life and How to Deal with It.

About the Author
Barry Rothman is single and living in Florida. He relocated to Florida from San Diego, California and Denver, Colorado, where he was a practicing attorney for thirty years.

About his latest book, Mary Ann or Ginger: The Dilemma in Every Man's Life and How to Deal with It

There is a French proverb which goes something like this: "In love, there is always the one who kisses and the one who offers the cheek." Author Barry Rothman admits that he has always been the one who kisses, and in his memoir, Mary Ann or Ginger, Rothman recounts his romantic relationships.

Actively dating since an early age, Rothman has traveled the world searching for his soul mate and thought he had found her in a variety of different locales. He discovered that, from an early age, his choices in female companionship have been largely influenced by his interest in pop culture. Beginning with his first girlfriend, at the tender age of five years old, Rothman reveals details about the variety of women in his life, including those he should have married and those he was thankful not to have married. From his first sexual encounter to his first romance with a ballet dancer and his last liaison with a ballet dancer, he tells all.

Though many of the stories in Mary Ann or Ginger expose the humorous side of relationships, this memoir includes serious conclusions helpful to those seeking to begin or maintain romantic connections.